Federico Ramallo Entrepreneur, Full stack developer, and Problem solver

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I have a lot of private repositories and applications I worked over the years. But also, I have some open source contributions. I’ll try to summarise my open source code. But feel free to explore my Github profile.

Ruby and Rails

  • framallo/movies-with-neo4j is a rails application using neo4j.rb and neo4j graph database. I’ve been doing research about graph databases. Currently, I’m a contributor of neo4jrb.
  • framallo/nomster I am a mentor at The firehose project, and this is a project assignment
  • framallo/geocoder_cli I want to save addresses on my Garmin GPS. So I created this tool to get the GPS latitude and longitude of address.
  • framallo/torquebox I forked this project because I deployed a production application with JRuby. I wanted to use torque box features, but we couldn’t implement torque box queues, so we had to move back to MRI Ruby. I realized at that moment that MRI Ruby was faster. This was back in 2012; probably things changed a lot.
  • framallo/bernard is a personal finance application. I wrote it without tests, so now I’m coming back and writing the tests of the application.
  • framallo/excedent is an application I build back in 2011 during a startup weekend




I used docker to install Tangosource as a multi tenance server. So production and staging are a docker instance each and, therefore, isolated from each other


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